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NCN Invades Zazzle, Demands You Buy Something!


Now we’ve gone and done it. We’ve let success* get to our heads and decided to parlay that into…coffee mugs. Check out the New Camera News store on Zazzle.com and buy a coffee mug. Or a beer stein. And show your family and friends how you suddenly became so well informed and attractive.

Seriously, NCN doesn’t write itself, and every coffee mug you buy helps feed the writing staff. The sale of each mug provides enough funds to buy a hot dog at a minor league baseball park. We hope to one day be successful enough to buy some fries too, or maybe a major league hot dog at Yankee Stadium, but one step at a time.

Thanks for reading. We now return you to your regularly scheduled news…


* And by success, we mean that we’ve managed to make some people laugh.



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