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Sony Bends it Like Beckham. What Could Possibly be Next?


Sony has more or less taken over the flat/rectilinear sensor industry and is, according to our sources, bored. With one hand tied behind their back, Sony continues to outgeek the rest of the camera industry, releasing a dizzying array of cameras and sensors that’s making Canon and others looks like tortoises (Or Konicas. Or Minoltas. Or Kodaks.)

Word on the street is that the same brilliant engineers that have brought us the NEX series (may it rest in pieces), the Alpha pellicle mirror series, pocket-sized powerhouse R series (RX100, RX100 II, RX1, RX10), the oddball “use your smartphone as the viewfinder” Q series (not to be confused with Pentax’s oddball Q), and now a trio or mirrorless full-frame temptresses (among others), have apparently been looking for new lands to conquer. And just like Columbus proved that the world isn’t flat, Sony appears on the verge of proving that sensors don’t have to be either.

The NCN crystal ball is still quite hazy, but there are rumors, leaks of patent documents, and hints of new product launches on the event horizon that Sony has been working on a curved sensor. What benefits (besides showing up at the next camera club meeting with the only curved sensor in the room, retina’s excluded) does a curved sensor offer? We’re not quite sure, but we suspect that a curved sensor will be particularly useful for ball sports (baseball, basketball, soccer/football, etc…).

Only time will tell whether or not these new technical achievements will help Sony overcome their greatest technical hurdle, creating curved pieces of optical glass and arranging them in a tube.

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  1. By creating a curved sensor, Sony try to put only flat pieces of glass in a tube, and get the things right. Or not.

  2. a curved sensor would solve two problems at once: sony can sell regular magnifier glasses as lenses. and the corner-sharpness-freaks could be fully satisfied.

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