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BREAKING: Casio Still Exists, Still Making Cameras


The NCN Crack News Team (NCNCNT) is receiving reports from the field that the Casio Corporation still exists and continues to make cameras.

Known around the world as the maker of calculator watches and keyboards that fueled new wave and synth pop in the 1980s (remember them?), Casio was thought to have perished as those fleeting trends died. But the NCNCNT has discovered, using a new technology known as “the Internet” that Casio has a “website” and, amazingly, still produces cameras. We are currently wandering the neighborhood, asking people if they’ve ever seen a Casio camera.

Because so many iconic camera brands* died in the Analog Extinction, the NCN team will continue to investigate this story to determine if Casio is in fact a real, living and breathing company. Or a zombie.

* NCN is by no means declaring that Casio is an iconic camera brand. But their calculator watches were killer.


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  1. I know this site is renowned for its humour, which is much appreciated, but – seriously – the Casio consumer compacts I’ve used are very good and much above average in performance and facilities.

    • That may be well and good but please be aware, Arthur, that excessive reality and rational thinking in the Comments is grounds for a time out.

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