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LEAKED! Panasonic Marketing GH4 with Innovative Ad Campaign


Panasonic is putting significant marketing dollars behind the launch of the Lumix GH4, a ground-breaking Micro Four-Thirds camera with the ability to shoot 4k video.

The new ad campaign, called “Incontinent for GH4” features photographers and filmmakers so excited about buying the GH4 that they are wetting their pants in anticipation. It’s a bold statement from Panasonic, a company trying to find their niche in a shrinking camera market. NCN has received an advance copy of the ad, leaked (pardon the pun) from a trusted source.


Keep an eye out for these innovative ads in a camera magazine (remember them?) in the near future. If anything else leaks out, we’ll let you know!

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  1. “Hole for lenses”

    I propose instead of (D)LSR and ILC, from now on, to use “HFL” abbreviation for the cameras!

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