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Scientists Determine Cause of Point-And Shoot Collapse


Scientists at the National Lab for Photography (NLP) have determined the root cause of the near-extinction of point-and-shoot cameras, a cataclysm that has the camera industry in complete disarray and professional bloggers turning their theory machines into overdrive.

After conducting grueling field research over the past decade, the researchers have determined that the sudden and precipitous decline of point-and-shoot cameras (film, disposable, and digital) was not caused by the smartphone (as many believe) or even a giant meteorite. Instead, researchers have found a strong correlation between the sale of point-and-shoot cameras and pants. Yes, pants.

It is now known that point-and-shoot cameras thrive in cargo pants rich environments and struggle in areas where skinny jeans are prevalent. So as cargo pants sales rose steadily in the 1990s and then boomed in the first decade of the 21st century, so did point-and-shoot sales. Cargo pants reached “Peak Pants” in 2007, and point-and-shoot sales followed. By 2008, closets around the country were filled almost exclusively with cargo pants, which correlated with “Peak Point-and-Shoot” sales of 16,000,000 units.


And then, in 2009, Justin Bieber arrived, and sales of skinny jeans skyrocketed overnight, throwing cargo pants into turmoil. Around the country, cargo pants were replaced with skinny jeans, leading to a sharp decline in point-and-shoot sales. Point-and-shoot cameras sales have not recovered and the entire surviving population is currently on the endangered species list.


Cameras like this are near extinction.

Critically, researchers are not sure if we’ve reached “Peak Skinny Jeans” or whether the trend will continue its meteoric rise and doom point-and-shoot cameras for certain extinction. Currently, hipster enclaves in Brooklyn, NY and Portland, OR have established point-and-shoot sanctuaries, where older point-and-shoot cameras are kept in ironic captivity.


Families no longer take crappy vacation photos with point-and-shoot cameras like this Canon.

In response to this breakthrough research, the Society for Point-and-Shoot Cameras (SPSC) is launching a broad advertising campaign aimed at bringing baggy cargo pants back in style (their previous attempts at popularizing “murses”–male purses–proved unsuccessful) while simultaneously lobbying Congress to outlaw skinny jeans. And Justin Bieber.

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  1. Haha, this was pretty spot on. Though the skinny jeans trend was rising between 2005-2007 thanks to the whole “scene” trend (which were basically proto-hipsters). By 2008//2009 skinny jeans became mainstream. At the moment it seems like the trend has reached it’s peak. In fact it may even be past it’s peak. In my area I’ve noticed people wearing looser jeans. Skinny jeans are still popular, but not quite as much as in 2013, which I’d argue was the tip top peak of the trend. By 2017, I doubt anyone will be wearing skinny jeans anymore.

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