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Top 10 Photography Yo Momma Insults


Participating in online forums is a contact sport, where online bullies make fun of your cat photos and you choice in gear. Don’t let them kick sand in your face! Fight back with these finely-crafted, hand-made, artisinal Yo Momma insults:


10. Yo momma used a Kodak Disc camera.

9. Yo momma took your childhood photos on 110 film.

8. Yo momma bought you a Sony Mavica.

7. Yo momma’s favorite lens is a kit zoom.

6. Yo momma thinks bokeh is a bunch of flowers.

5. Yo momma reads Steve Stonewall.

4. Yo momma uses HDR on her cat photos.

3. Yo momma edits her photos using MS Paint.

2. Yo momma shoots in Green mode.

1. Yo momma shoots JPEG.


Next time an online bully picks on you, serve them one of these Yo Momma jokes and watch them cower in fear. They’ll never bother you again!

This has been a public service announcement from NCN.


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