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Canon T3i First Camera to Qualify for Senior Benefits


The federal government has announced that Canon’s venerable T3i DSLR has been for sale for so long that it now qualifies for Medicaid and host of other social programs aimed at older members of society.

Introduced so long ago that we can’t remember, the T3i (also known as the EOS Kiss X5 in Japan, the 600D in Europe, and affectionately as “Papa” to the Canon T4i and “Gramps” to the CanonT5i) is an ancient image recording device featuring a limited number of megapickles and ISOs, yet is still quite popular in online stores and in retail locations where you can buy cameras, washing machines, and Panasonic handheld massagers. Defying all logic, the T3i does not offer class leading anything yet continues to outsell much newer cameras that feature more of everything, including Canon’s own T4i and T5i.

Due to its advanced age, the T3i can now receive Medicare benefits, complimentary membership in AARP, free rides on short buses, and discounts at mediocre restaurants. This is a milestone moment for the T3i and the entire camera industry, so we asked other manufacturers to share their thoughts:


“The T3i is the bane of our existence, year after year outselling our newest and bestest cameras with ease. We hate it.”

– Panasonic


“It’s frustrating, really, to have teams of engineers work so hard creating new cameras, only to have them outsold by a camera that’s older than our engineers. We hate it.”

– Pentax


“Olympus congratulates Canon on the T3i. Actually, no we don’t. We  wish it would just wither up and die. We hate it.”

– Olympus


NCN recently requested a T3i to be bronzed and placed in the NCN Hall of Fame but Canon politely declined, stating, “We’re going to sell as many of these suckers that we possibly can.”

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  1. The T3i came out when they were still using whale oil on shutters which never splattered on sensors!

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