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Photographer Uploads All Photos to Flickr


NCN has received reports that a local photographer has downloaded the photos from a 8Gb SanDisk SD card and uploaded all 550 photos to Flickr. The photos, taken over the span of three months, include:

  • 16 photos of people with their eyes half closed
  • 14 evening photos with the White Balance set to Cloudy
  • 13 daytime photos with the White Balance set to Tungsten
  • 12 daytime photos with the ISO set to ISO 3200
  • 9 photos out of focus
  • 7 photos of people with double chins
  • 5 nearly identical photos of a flower
  • 4 landscape photos at F1.8
  • 3 daytime photos at 0.5s shutter speed
  • 1 photo of a cat at +2 stops
  • 1 photo of a house properly exposed
  • 1 photo of a plate of food at −2 stops
  • 1 photo of a partridge in a pear tree

Fellow photographers are setting up a Kickstarter campaign to pay for a copy of Adobe Lightroom and an Introduction to Photo Editing class.


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