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National Geographic Names Steve Photographer of the Year


National Geographic has named Steve as National Geographic Photographer of the Year. A nearly unanimous decision, National Geographic judges were simply blown away by Steve’s photos. Featuring mind-blowing landscapes, impossible architecture, and stunning candids of native inhabitants, Steve’s photos stood out from a sea of sameness. Some comments from the judges include:

“At this point, we thought that we had seen it all. But Steve has somehow managed to take us places that we’d never been before..places that we did not think imaginable.”

“Judging by some of the photos, Steve has put himself in some very precarious situations just to get the shot. It’s a rush just looking at the photos…imagine being there?! At the end of the day, great photography is just that–enabling people to touch a life, a world that they otherwise cannot touch.”

“Steve has a unique ability to capture the mood of a place, to capture the native inhabitants of a place as they go about their day.”

“A highly developed aesthetic sense combined with a action hero’s taste for adventure! That’s Steve.”

“It’s rare that you find a photographer so versed in landscapes, photojournalism, and architecture. Steve is a triple-threat and a deserving winner of this year’s honor.”

“Steve walks the extra mile to get the once in a lifetime photo.”

Steve beat out Mario, Lara Croft, Link, and a host of others for this year’s top spot. Brucie Kibbutz entered the competition but was disqualified for violating National Geographic’s ethics standards.

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  1. I’ll only walk an extra 15 feet to get a photo. If that stupid animal wants it’s picture taken, it can move it’s fat ass closer to me.

  2. Let me guess his last name…is it Wong? I thought all photograhers had the last name Wong.

  3. Bokeh, you’re wong about that. I assume you must thinking of Ming Wong, world famous snapper from Malingapore.

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