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Photographer Apoplectic After Accidentally Buying Samsung NX3000


Local photographer Brad Bradley is undergoing therapy for shock, dismay, and apoplexy after accidentally buying a Samsung camera. Bradley claims that he did not intend to buy a Samsung camera as “no respectable photographer would be seen dead carrying one,” but that he became disoriented and confused when looking at the NX3000.

Featuring an APS-C sensor, 20 megapickles, an interchangeable lens mount, and leatherette finish, it’s easy to mistake the NX3000 for a real camera made by a real camera company.


Looks like a real camera from a real camera company. But it’s not.

“The leatherette is what threw me off.” says Bradley. “I thought that I was buying a new Fuji or perhaps an old Nikon rangefinder. And then I was playing with the screen. I flipped it over and was looking at the front of the camera. Now let me be perfectly clear–I wasn’t trying to take a selfie*. Anyways, I was looking at the camera when I accidentally blinked. And the danged camera focused and took my photo! That’s when I put the camera down and called for help.”


Bradley’s story is, unfortunately, not unique. Anna Apple, spokesperson for The Society for the Happiness of Photographers (SHP), said, “What Mr. Bradley went through was horrible, and it’s small comfort for him, but he’s not alone. Wrong Camera Trauma (WCT) is a serious issue that doesn’t get enough attention in the media. Every day, tens of photographers experience WCT when they go to take a picture and realize that they are using a camera that wasn’t made by Nikon, Canon, or other brands that have existed since the 60s and haven’t sullied their reputation with crazy colors and designs. Scarred by this experience, they’ll spend the next several weeks and months obsessively researching cameras in the hopes of avoiding WCT. But the sad fact is the WCT rarely strikes just once; WCT is a chronic illness, and photographers suffering from WCT relapse repeatedly, often right after a new camera announcement.”

With the help of SHP, Bradley is currently convalescing in a local darkroom with some warm tea, smooth jazz, and Canon and Nikon brochures. Bradley is considering filing a suit against Samsung for “Pretending to be a real camera made by a real camera company.”



*Any photographer worth their salt knows that the proper way to take a self portrait is to hold the camera up to their eye and point the camera at the bathroom mirror. The bathroom lighting is dramatic (not quite Rembrandt, more like Charmin) and the towel rack adds a strong horizontal element to the composition.

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  1. Oh darn… from the headline, I thought this was going to be story about the Leica T.

    (Wait, the T’s an NX2000 assembled in Portugal, gotta get my product numbers straight!)

  2. So I have a choice to make. My grand-daughter is turning 3. I think she would look adorable playing with a “camera” just like gramps. Should I pick the Samsung or the Fisher Price camera. They both look like cameras. I am thinking she would learn more from the Fisher Price one.

    She is probably too old for the Samsung one.

    Wadda ya think?

    • Agreed. She will probably mistake the Samsung for a smartphone and try to play Angry Birds on it. Best to leave cameras to the traditional makers like Fisher Price.

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