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One Week With Leica T


Some mistook our launch report of the Leica T for an actual review. Silly people, they should learn how to read better. But now we’ve got our thick, calloused, farmer’s hands on the T and are putting it through its paces. Here are some initial thoughts after a week of fondling it…


The body is quite unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. It’s quite innovative–a flat bar that bulges elegantly on the right side to form a grip. No need to add an additional, ugly-looking accessory grip. Leave it to Leica to create an elegant solution to a common problem! Not only that, but Leica have managed to squeeze an APS-C sensor in a small body – wow!


Another innovation (there’s that word again!) are the twin control dials. Here, the T places the most important controls right at the photographer’s fingertips. Actually, the controls are near the thumb, which is ok with us since hitch hiking has gone out of fashion. We’ve never used a camera so easy and delightful to operate!


Secondary controls are accessed via a capacitive touch rear screen. As with any device, it takes some time getting used to the navigation and organization but after just a few short minutes it will be instantly familiar. We’re 100% certain that thanks to Leica ingenuity, “slide”, “tap”, and “pinch” will become the lingua franca of user interfaces.


For those over the age of 40 that like peepholes, Leica offers an accessory electronic viewfinder. As with the rest of the camera (and true to Leica’s tradition) it is super innovative!


And this wouldn’t be a Leica report if it didn’t mention the lenses. The T will offer two lenses to start and we are sure that many more are on the way and they will all be awesome!

Stay tuned as we continue to use the wonderful Leica T, taking photos of latte, brick walls, and cats!
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