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NCN’s Realitypocalypse Survival Guide


With Adobe’s Creative Cloud Down, many people are being exposed to realistic, unphotoshopped photos. Many can’t handle unfiltered reality, so until photographic fiction is restored, New Camera News offers this handy Realitypocalyps Survival Guide.

  • If you are exposed to reality, do not take a cold shower unless you are beautiful or have been working out. The reality of your wet, naked body may push your over the edge.
  • If you see a photo that has not been photoshopped, do not download and attempt to edit it using MS Paint. This will only make things worse.
  • The shock of unedited, realistic photos can be counteracted be watching a Disney movie. Shrek and Finding Nemo have been proven to counteract reality in a majority of adults, and any Disney movie with a princess is particularly effective for young girls.
  • Due to the antiquated nature of magazines, they aren’t (yet) affected by the current crisis. If you are exposed to a real photo, pick up a magazine immediately. Fashion  and photography magazines are particularly good places to escape reality.
  • Reality television is, ironically, a good escape from reality.
  • Visit a camera forum.
  • Take a nap.

We’ll continue to monitor the NCN News Desk until Adobe’s Creative Cloud is restored. Really.

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