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Sony Reports Third Year of Losses, Shelves Lenses


Sony, mover and shaker in the camera business (and producer of what seems to be every other sensor sold), has shocked the world by reporting it’s third straight year of losses in its imaging division.

In the fiscal year ending March 31, 2014, Sony’s imaging division lost $1.29 billion or 2% versus the previous year. This comes as quite a shock to many that see Sony as one of the true innovators in a very conservative industry.

At a press conference, Sony PR Director Mavica Vaio said, “Due to continued losses in the imaging division, Sony has no choice but to cancel or postpone a whole slew of products that we currently have in our development pipeline. This unfortunately includes a dizzying array of fast prime and zoom lenses for the Alpha lens mount.”

“Originally, we had planned to launch a full catalog of fast primes and zooms for APS-C and Full Frame this summer, each a complete lineup optimized for their sensor size and with SteadyShot optical image stabilization on each lens and worth 3-4 stops. The primes were all faster than F1.8 and the zooms were all F2.0 constant aperture. All lenses had metal barrels, aperture rings,  long throw helicoids, aspherical elements, and metal lens hoods. But our current financial situation makes these products unfeasible at the moment, and until our financial situation improves, we have to put these plans on the shelf.”

“Fortunately, we still have the green light on a number of exciting new Sony products that you’ll see in a short while. This includes four new variable-aperture kit zooms, six new lens mounts, and twelve new bodies. Two of the new lens mounts will not, at launch, have any compatible lenses, but we hear that freelensing is a thing now, so we’ll encourage photographers to ‘make.believe’ that they actually have a functional lens.”


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  1. LOL…Sony PR Director “Mavica Vaio”, uhmm “Mavica” and “Vaio” are Sony’s line of products (one for camera and the other for PC/laptops), this can’t be the actual name of the PR director… or can it?

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