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Suspect Identified in Adobe CC’s Realitypocalypse


Adobe continues to be Partly Cloudy with no end of reality in sight. As Adobe techs work furiously to get the issue resolved, Adobe and federal authorities are already trying to piece together the cause of the outage.

At first, authorities thought that a clumsy Adobe employee (Hal Raymond) tripped on the power strip that all Adobe servers are connected to, but Hal was not in the office yesterday and is no longer a person of interest. Officials are now focusing on another character that they believe may be involved in Realitypocalypse, and have identified the following character as a “character of interest” in this case.


If you’ve seen “Clippy” recently, PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO APPREHEND HIM YOURSELF. ALTHOUGH HE IS UN-ARMED, HE IS CONSIDERED VERY DANGEROUS. Be warned, “Clippy” can come across as helpful and eager to please, saying things like, “What do you want to do today? and “It looks like you want to perform a mail merge.” Do no, we repeat, do not fall for these tricks. Run away as fast as you can and then call authorities at once.


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