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Olympus Blames Poor Financials on Accounting Anomaly, Again.


Much like the rest of the industry, Olympus is reporting losses in their imaging business for the recently completed fiscal year. But whereas others are blaming the invasion of the smart phone for the decimation of point-and-shoot sales, Olympus has identified an accounting anomaly, again.

Olympus spokesperson Pam Zuiko said in a statement, “Several years ago, Olympus’ accounting department, in an attempt to save paper, used smaller fonts on their spreadsheets. Instead of 12 point Helvetica they switched to 6 point Helvetica. We did not think that this would matter, but it has. Because of this 2x font factor, losses look twice as big as they actually are. And while sales look small, when you actually look at the results you will think to yourself, ‘I don’t need the bulk of a full-size spreadsheet.’ Once you take this 2x font factor into account, everything at Olympus is fine. Really.”

Critics, however, aren’t convinced. Foster Grant notes, “When you look at Olympus financials, you can’t help but wonder how much better they’d be if they used 12 point Helvetica. That is the font that we used in the 70s and everyone knows it is the standard by which all spreadsheets are judged. Their use of 6 point Helvetica makes it hard to see the spreadsheet in low light and despite what Olympus says will never look as good as a larger spreadsheet. Heck, sometimes I’ll use 24 Garamond when the situation calls for it.”

Rumors persist that Olympus will start using 12 point Helvetica for certain spreadsheets, but that would require new computers for the finance department.

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  1. Hopefully their 12 point Helvetica will have IBIS, because their financials are usually shaky.

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