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ISO Defines New Sensitivity Ratings for Photographers


ISO, the International Organization for Standardization*, has released a new rating system for photographers. Camera buffs are already familiar with the ISO sensitivity ratings of camera sensors, but this new rating system, pISO, rates the photographers themselves.

The new ratings systems is as follows:

pISO 100 – Lowest Sensitivity

  • Able to accept criticisms of their photographs.
  • Appreciates Facebook/Flickr/Instagram likes but keeps them in perspective.
  • Nonplussed by online arguments.
  • Has a happy, fulfilling life in the real world, possibly assisted by pharmaceuticals.

pISO 200 – Low Sensitivity

  • Outwardly accepting of constructive criticism, but has a little voice inside that sows doubt every once in a while. Little voice can be controlled.
  • Appreciates Facebook/Flickr/Instagram likes. The more the better, but they’re all good.
  • Offers opinion in online forums and discussions, but accepts that others have differing views.

pISO 400 – Moderate Sensitivity

  • Grates mildly at strong criticism, but ultimately takes it like wo(man).
  • Gets affirmation in the form of Likes on Facebook and compliments on Flickr.
  • Very active in online forums. Enjoys jumping into a debate, supporting points with links to reputable websites.

pISO 800 – High Sensitivity

  • Debates critics but accepts that others have their own opinions.
  • Actively seeks Facebook/Flickr/Instagram likes. Not happy if they like someone’s photo but they don’t like one of hers/his in return.
  • Offers strongly worded opinions in online forums, accepts other views, but little voice says they are twits.

pISO 1600 – Very High Sensitivity

  • Unfriends overly critical voices.
  • Spends significant time each day cultivating online “friendships” and “cult of me.”
  • Often debates in online forums. Will resort to ad hominem attacks if cornered.

pISO 3200 – Ultra High Sensitivity

  • Deletes Facebook/Flickr/Instagram accounts because “they don’t understand.”
  • Does not take criticism well at all. Believes that everyone is out to get them.
  • Will argue for hours on camera forums until others are exhausted, using links from dubious sources. Two or more pISO 3200s debating on a forum gets boring quickly for everyone else.


ISO states that while most photographers have a natural pISO rating, from day to day they can vary by as many as two stops, depending on external factors such as weather, mood, personal relationships, professional relationships, and coffee intake. ISO is working with the University of Epinal to determine if there is a correlation between pISO and camera brand/camera type/sensor size.


* Yes, we know that’s IOS. Damn French.


  1. Hmmm… Judgeing by the box I came in, my pISO is 50… I guess I’ll just push it up to 100 and adjust for exposure accordingly…

  2. Merci ISO! You’ve described the only way that Sigma camera users will go over ISO3200… (but still only produce noise).

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