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NCN Weekend Calendar


Check out these local events! They’ve been vetted by NCN editors to make sure that they are in fact real things. We think.

LoHi State Qualifiers


Think you’re good at photographing canaries in a coal mine? Test your mettle against the best low light/high ISO shooters in your state by attending the LoHi State Qualifiers this weekend. Winners advance to the Regional Semifinals. Check your local pulp-based broadsheet for a LoHi State Qualifier near you, or just head to the darkest cave or coal mine in your state–the event is probably being held there.

Royal Society of Pixel Peepers “Love Your Loupe” Workshop


The Royal Society of Pixel Peepers (RSPP) is bringing back one of their most popular workshops, “Love Your Loupe.” RSPP member and Loupologist Emeritus Blythe “Buffy” Bumblybum, PhL, from the National Loupe Institute will give a short presentation on the history of loupes, give tips on the care and maintenance of a loupe, and if you behave, will let you try some loupes that she’s bringing with her from the National Loupe Museum.

Note, this is a White Glove Event–please bring your own gloves. And if you are going to bring your own prints for viewing, please make sure that they are critically sharp from corner to corner. You wouldn’t want to create a scene.

Show “Flowers in My Backyard”


The latest show from lazy photographer Ralph Malf will be opening at the Main Street Gallery. Malf’s previous shows “My Cats”, “The Bookshelf in the Home Office”, and “I Don’t Need to Get Out of the Car” were huge hits with lines out the door, so get to the show early to avoid crowds.

Steve Stonewall Book Signing


Steve Stonewall will be at the Barnes & Borders super mega coffee shop signing copies of his new book, “I’m Making a Living With My 18-200mm Zoom” on Saturday. If you never been to a Steve Stonewall book signing, be forewarned that he’ll probably write something so controversial in your copy of the book that you’ll feel compelled to go online and write about it. If you do, all that Mr. Stonewall asks is that you provide links to his site.


If there’s a camera event near you that we’ve missed, please tell us about it in the comments!


[Calendar graphic thanks to DanK, @ZDP189 on Twitter, and http://zdp-189.tumblr.com on that Tumbling thing.]



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  1. Damn you Steve! Is this how you make living? 18-200mm zoom? I ‘ll forgive you if you let me shoot the canaries with my M16…

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