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SCOOP! Sony Announces RX100 Mark IV


Hot on the heels of the RX100 Mark III, Sony has announced its successor, the RX100 Mark IV. Featuring more megapickles, a faster lens, and an all new imaging pipeline, the RX100 Mark IV is, according to Sony marketing literature*, “The best compact we’ve ever made this week.”


Sony engineers have been working for days improving upon the already very good RX100 Mark III, and their hard work has paid off–the Mark IV is a worthy successor to the RX100 Mark III in nearly every way, and owners of the Mark III will be sorely tempted to upgrade. Here’s a handy chart detailing the differences between the RX100 Mark III and RX100 Mark IV:

[table caption=”Sony RX100 MIII vs. M IV (Better values in bold)” colwidth=”20%|40%|40%” colalign=”left|center|center|”]
,Sony RX100 M III,Sony RX100 M IV,
Sensor,1″ 20.9 Megapickles Exmor R,1″ 21.0 Megapickles Exmor S
Lens,24-70mm F1.8-2.8 Zeiss,23-71mm F1.7-2.7 Zeiss
AF Points,25,26
LCD Display,Multi-angle 3.0″/1.2 million dots,Multi-angle 3.1″/1.3 million dots
Loved,Not any more,Yes
Suddenly crap,Yes,Give it a week

The outgoing RX100 Mark III is expected to hit retailers mid-June. The RX100 Mark IV will be available late-June.


* we use the word “literature” quite loosely here.
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  1. Hot damn, I just pre-ordered the III and now the IV comes out! Does the latest IV have a slightly lower pickle count in the viewfinder to offset the cost of all those massive improvements?

  2. So, this never came out then? I was just about to order the Mark 3…..then I saw this page and started to panic I was just about to spend £700. Then thinking if I wait for the Mark 4 to come out the Mark 3 will drop in price and get it then. But it is way passed June now….so was this a false article?

  3. I don’t think my previous comment got posted as I cant see it here. It said is this false or not? As I was about to get the Mark 3, but will definitely hold off if the Mark 4 is coming out any time soon. It’s way past June now so was this a false article or real?

  4. I’m queuing up for the mk iv, but I still don’t get it. Why isn’t it in the shops yet?

    I mean, I can tell that this is a genuine announcement, so it should be discounted already with the mk v due in a few days.

    Where can I get the mk iv (surely, more camera than anyone will ever need, ever, as in forever)?

    Very important camera to me because the extra features will guarantee that all my test shots of brick walls and my selfies will all be flawless. I’m hoping to get an exhibition based on using this camera.

    I love Sony products. They give me an excuse to go out and buy new ones every few weeks. Of course my house has been been repossessed because I spent the rent money on cameras, but hey, I’m worth it….

  5. I just pre-ordered the mark V. If anyone wants my “minty” mark IV, shoot me an email. Less than 100 actual actuations. pm me quick before I change my mind.

  6. these new specs would not get many current RX100m3 users to upgrade – first I think they need to match the Canon G7X in focal length and lens brightness – second add Touch LCD with Touch Shutter –
    at this point it will be hard to match the G7X price point – but of course the G7X does not have an EVF –
    What I expect is yes an improved sensor – 4k video but no Mic in – maybe an improved lens but same focal range – but at a $899 price – So No Touch LCD – No Touch Shutter – not a longer lens –

    I think they should have a mode with EVF and a model without that is cheaper and competes with the G7X –

    Most folks are not going to be using EVF in such a small compact camera – especially if LCD tilts – also no real need to worry about a hot shoe – who is going to put a large Flash on such a small body –
    but it it had 4k a Mic in is a must – which I would not expect to see –

    Fuji – Nikon and Panasonic and Olympus are quite likely to introduce 1 inch compact models soon like the Canon G7X which will surely make prices more competitive –

    I say to models – one with EVF and 4K video and Mic and longer focal range in at same old price of $899
    one with no EVF but Touch LCD / Touch Shutter and no 4k and longer focal range at $500

  7. What a shitty website. Stop posting obviously fake information to attract traffic. It waists people’s time!

  8. I would like to see built in GPS as I travel by the seat of pants and can’t remember where the heck I took half my pictures.

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