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Olympus Firmware Update V1.667bfd for OM-D E-M1 Announced


Olympus has announced firmware update V1.667for its top of the line OM-D E-M1 real imitation SLR camera. Documented improvements include:

  • Improved C-AF when photographing red birds
  • Improved stabilization when shooting from a pontoon boat
  • Reversal of male pattern baldness
  • New Hyphen Removal Mode changes name of camera in EXIF from “OM-D E-M1” to “OMD EM1”
  • Addition of full frame sensor mode (after each photo is taken, the words, “Yay, you just used the whole sensor!” is displayed on the screen)
  • Various and sundry bug fixes
  • Undocumented placebo improvements that some owners will swear they notice
  • New bugs that some owners will spend months trying to replicate

The updated firmware V1.667bfd may be downloaded at the Olympus website. Please make sure that your battery is fully charged and that you’ve had your vitamins before performing the update. After the update is complete, take photos of your cat to make sure that the camera still works.

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  1. So the new “whole sensor” message replaces the old “Format doomed, please upgrade system” message?

  2. “Undocumented placebo improvements that some owners will swear they notice”

    (OMG, the focus has been improved with hypermotor lenses!)

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