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SCOOP! Ad Campaign for the Leica T


NCN has received advanced copies of the ad campaign that Leica has planned for the Leica T.

In one ad, Mr T’s head has been Photochopped onto the body of a tweed-wearing hipster. Standing in front of a Mercedes Benz SUV, Mr. T say, “I Pity the Fool That Doesn’t Buy the Leica T.”

In another ad, Mr T is pointing menacingly at the viewer, grimacing as he says, “Buy This Leica T You Status-Seekin’ Foo!” In his right hand, Mr. T is grasping a yellow Leica T and along with his usual assortment of gold rings and necklaces, Mr. T has an oversized Leica logo dangling from a chain. It’s a bold departure from the Leica’s normally staid and classy advertising that fetishizes the luxury brand.

Print ad for Leica T. (Original photo: M&M Mars)


A Leica spokesperson said, “We think that Mr. T is a perfect spokesperson for the Leica T because he is brash and strong and uncompromising, just like the Leica T. We pity the fools that don’t understand.”

We’re still unsure of the target demographic that Leica is going after with these ads. We don’t think it’s dentists. Leica’s Marketing department and agency partner are currently being tested for drugs.

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