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Canon Announces #DitchtheEOSM Day


Taking a page out of Samsung’s $14 billion dollar advertising playbook*, Canon is offering their own version of #DitchTheDSLR day. Called #DitchtheEOSM day, Canon is calling all disappointed and underwhelmed EOS-M owners (in other words, all EOS-M owners) to exchange their little sad faced cameras for “a real camera. You know, one with a mirror that reflexes, autofocus that works, and with some gravitas.”

Planned for next Wednesday, owners of the EOS-M and EOS-M2 can turn in their EOS-Ms to their local Canon Service Center and leave with a free 5D Mark III instead**. In comparison to the EOS-M, the 5D Mark III is more faster, more better, more stronger, more heavier, and more seriouser. Most importantly, it bestows upon the owner bonus “That’s a nice camera, you must be a good photographer” points, something the EOS-M never could manage. Canon spokesmodel Kawasaki Suzuki said, “After just five minutes with the Canon 5D Mark III, former owners of the EOS-M will realize that a Canon mirrorless cameras will never be as good as Canon DSLRs.” When asked what they will do with the EOS-Ms that they collect, Suzuki said, “We will take the EOS-Ms, crush them to a fine powder, bury them in a 3 mile deep abandoned uranium mine in Southern Utah and then fill the mineshaft with high strength concrete.”

Canon is expecting a heavy turnout for the first (and hopefully last) #DitchtheEOSM day and is asking all Canon enthusiasts to continue using the hashtag until “every last EOS-M has been reformatted from our collective memory.”


* a $14 billion dollar advertising playbook is, as you might imagine, quite large. So large, in fact, that a single page won’t likely be missed, even if it is made of gold.

** Does not include $3,339 handling fee which must be paid upon receipt.

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  1. I want my camera to be extremely much more betterer too! Can I convert my EOS-M and also convert my 18-55 lens to a white EF 70-200mm f/2.8L USM?

  2. After the powdered EOS-M’s are dumped in that uranium mineshaft, it will only be another 30 years before someone recalls this event and videographs** a documentary on digging them up again. (Naturally, the high point will be when they finish digging and then realize what “powdered” means!)

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