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DROUGHT! Sony Hasn’t Announced a New Camera in Weeks!


It’s been nearly three weeks since Sony announced a new camera and pundits are growing concerned. Sony has been the most active and aggressive camera maker as of late, releasing a dizzying array of cameras to every segment of the market. POV action cam? Check. Powerful pocket cam? Check. Odd smartphone wart thingy cam? Check. APS-C hybrid still/video cam? Check. Technology tour-de-force full frame? Check. And mate. Many were expecting Sony to just continue climbing the sensor size ladder and release a medium format camera. But the silence coming from Sony’s PR department is deafening.

“This is something that I’d expect from Pentax. Or Casio. But Sony? Prolific Sony?” said blogger Steve Stonewall, who reviews cameras within hours of the first leaks, sometimes before. “We’ve gotten used to waiting months, even years, for Sony to release lenses,” continues Stonewall, “Besides, all you need to become a pro like me is an 18-200mm zoom. But new Sony cameras are more frequent than full moons so this silence is troubling. I’m sure that they’re working on a whole new line of cameras that they’ll release soon. Gosh I hope so, my whole business model depends upon it.”

Without a new Sony camera to report, camera rumor sites are resorting to posting photos of cats taken with Sony cameras. And posting bad jokes. “Question: What’s your dream Sony lens? Answer: All of them.” Sony forums members, with a golden opportunity to go outside and take photos, are instead speculating in overdrive, worrying that Sony, like all of the other camera makers, is in fact…doomed. “I know that I can get a couple more months of use out of the A7 by using adapted lenses,” says forum-goer @NEX4EVER, “but what am I going to do with my one Sony lens?” @AlphaRULEZ adds, “I came from the uncertainty of shooting Olympus Micro Four-Thirds where nearly every day someone asked, ‘Is Micro Four-Thirds doomed?’ I never expected this from Sony!”

The last time that Sony went through a drought this long was in the late 90s, when their Mavica cameras transitioned from floppy disc storage to mini-cdr. This era, now known as “The Floppy Divide” was a tough time for Sony, but only twenty people were using the Internet at the time so nobody knew.

As this story is going to press, Stonewall is organizing a search party.
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