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Leicanistas Applaud Price Increases


In a reaction that makes sense in the rarified high altitude air of Leicaland, Leicanistas around the world are cheering the upcoming price increases for Leica lenses. Leica, already known as a bespoke manufacturer of commodity consumer electronics and fetishized optical products, is, as the increases suggest, swimming even further upmarket.

Such a move would normally invite anger and rage among owners, but Leicanistas are fully supportive of Leica’s move. Here are some random comments from Leica owners:

“I was going to buy another new Summicron next week, but then while having breakfast in the lanai I read about the price increases in the Wall Street Journal. I turned to Luvvy and decried, ‘Why buy now when the price is going up so soon?’”

– Thurston Howell IX

“I was just visiting with Buffy and Chad, and they were talking about how expensive boarding school was for their children Buffet and Chad III. They are such braggarts! Just wait until they hear about how my new Leica kit costs! Bragging about how expensive things are is such a fun game!”

–  Regina Archibald

“I’m going to sell my current Leica lenses to the hoi polloi and wait for these new lenses. These must be better since they are more expensive, right?”

– Peyton  Thurdbase

“Finally! I hope these price increases draw the line between the 1% and the 2%! I hate socializing with the near-wealthy–they are sooooo gauche!’’’

– Donna Gaga

“This is such great news, and just in time! My Porsche is being delivered in July also, as well as my yacht. I’ll bring them both to my 15,000 square foot ‘cabin’ in the Grand Tetons.”

–  Hans Solo

Leica spokesperson Benjamin Dover said, “Once it became clear that Hasselblad had completely lost its mind, we knew that someone was going to have to step up and become the ‘status object of the 1%.’ We’re glad that our customers support this move, and lucky for them, we’ve got more in store!”



  1. We all applaud thid decision!!! So many people are shooting with Leicas lately, I even saw some poor people (homeless too!) using Leica cameras, seems the hell froze over!

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