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SCANDAL Rocks Full Frame Society!


The Full Frame Society (FFS) has been thrown into turmoil with allegations that FFS President Angela Filmcarrier has been using crop sensor cameras for some of her photographs. While such abhorrent behavior happens from time to time within the society (leading to immediate expulsion), this is the first time that such charges have been levied at someone so high within the Society. And there is palpable fear that some of Fimcarrier’s crop sensor photographs have appeared on the FFS website and marketing materials. Such a transgression would be unconscionable, shaking the Society to its very core.

The Full Frame Society is the “oldest continuous and contiguous society dedicated to the promulgation of full frame sensors” in the country and eschews crop sensors, claiming that, “all the worthwhile photos in the history of the world have been taken with full-frame sensors, and we intend to keep it that way.”

Suspicions of Filmcarrier’s crop sensor usage first arose when Filmcarrier coughed during a meeting. Some members thought they heard the word “Pentax” hidden in the cough.

A FFS spokesperson released the following statement to the media:

“It has come to the attention of the FFS Grand Council that one of our own, esteemed President Angela Filmcarrier has been accused of using crop sensor cameras for some of her photographs. We completely understand the severity of these charges and treat them with the utmost import. We are currently investigating these allegations along with suspicions that some of Filmcarrier’s crop sensor photos have been used on the FFS website and other marketing materials. A panel of experts is being convened to evaluate Filmcarrier’s photos for signs of small sensors. At this time of tumult, we ask that Society members keep calm and not jump to conclusions until the investigation is complete.”

Members were abuzz about the news, flooding the FFS listserv with messages:

“It’s a shame, really, as Filmcarrier’s photographs are quite lovely, frequently among the best at our gatherings. To think that they were taken with a small sensor camera….oh, the horror!”

– NikonD700Forever

“I knew something was up; Filmcarrier had chronic back problems and all of a sudden they just disappeared, as if a great weight had been magically lifted from her shoulders.”

– CanonFFLover

“As painful as it is to say this, we must be ever vigilant in eschewing crop sensor cameras, even if that means casting out one of our own. I do declare!”

– LeicaMDad

An unnamed source within the Society, however, claims that a small but growing percentage of members are using crop sensor cameras but keep their usage hidden for fear of expulsion. “I know more than one FFS member that has fondled a Fuji and ogled an Oly, and they weren’t even drunk.” said Bob, who is 5’-10” with short salt and pepper hair (but you didn’t hear that from us.)

Filmcarrier was last spotted on vacation with family, snapping photos with her smart phone. Oh, the horror!


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