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New LensCone Prevents Scratching, Licking and Biting!


Tired of your lens scratching and licking its own lens mount after a CLA? Worried about your lens getting an infection or fungus, resulting in another expensive trip to the lens doctor? Wishing there was a better way to stop it than yelling, “Stop it!” repeatedly? All day? For weeks?

Well wish no more! The new LensCone* from FocusMaker ends that problem once and for all!

Made from genuine “Space Age” materials by people who may or may not be NASA scientists, the new LensCone is quick, easy to install, and works with lenses of all shapes and sizes. Except pancake lenses, of course. They’re so short that they can’t lick their own lens mounts.

Simply attach the LensCone to your lens and feel free to move about the cabin without worrying that your lens has scurried off into a corner to nibble at its private parts. You’ll be amazed at how liberating it feels for both you and your lens and you’ll soon be asking, “Why didn’t I buy a LensCone sooner?”

LensCone works with Nikon lenses, Canon lenses, Pentax lenses, Olympus lenses, Panasonic lenses, Fuji lenses, Leica lenses, and yes, even the three or four Sony lenses in existence! It also works with third party lenses from Sigma, Tamron, Tokina, Zeiss, Petzval, and more!

But wait…there’s more! FocusMaker is offering the LensCone at an amazing introductory price of…wait for it….$69! That’s right, for just $69 you get the LensCone, a box for your cat to try to squeeze into when you’re not looking, a receipt, and a genuine plastic bag for storage!

How much would it cost to replace a lens that scratched and licked itself to death? $400? $500? $3,000?! Stop right there! Avoid the mess and added costs with LensCone!

LensCone from FocusMaker…say goodbye to licking and scratching forever!

Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.



* It may not look like a cone, but it actually is a cone where h=0.


  1. Booo! I am scratching my head…that long break didn’t work out…But better days are coming, right? Right? Right?

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