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Canon Drops Price on Crappy Old Camera


Canon has announced deep price cuts of a crappy old camera that nobody wants anymore. The 7D, which used to be the top dog amongst APS-C sports shooters, is now just crap, and no self-respecting pro would be caught dead using one.

Nearly every camera in Canon’s extensive lineup has been updated at least once and sometimes more since the 7D was introduced in 1492. Since then, Canon has introduced a new 5D, a new 1D, and something like twelve Tsome-number-i DSLRs. Heck, even the ultra crappy EOS-M was upgraded once and unlike the 7D which was once a quite nice camera, the EOS-M was born crap and is gonna die crap.

Canon camera enthusiasts continue to pine for a 7D Mark II and like the gullible folk that they are, believe every little rumor that comes out like there were unmarked copies being used at the World Cup, that the 7D Mark II is coming out in the fall, and that the 7D is being deeply discounted so that retailers can clear out existing stock. Yadda yadda yadda. Cry me a river.

Until that unicorn known as the 7D Mark II is released, Canon enthusiasts can get the now crappy 7D at unbelievably low prices and then get laughed at by everyone that has a clue. I pity the fool.


  1. When they start giving them away for free I’ll get one, but I’d probably ask for my money back later.

  2. 1. The check is in the mail
    2. Of course that dress does not make you look fat
    3. I will marry you if you get pregnant
    4. Read my lips: No new taxes
    5. The 7DII is coming out soon and it will be swell

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