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Epson Announces “Innovative Ink Acquisition Program!”


While inkjet printers can produce gorgeous, stunning prints, the costs of inks is often high enough to make a grown man cry. In a move that’s sure to take the photographic world by storm, Epson announces “Ink for All!”, a program designed to help Epson printer owners afford genuine Epson inks.

“Ink for All!” includes three innovative ways that photographers can acquire ink:

  • Flexible financing options for printer ink, including low interest rate loans, “ink mortgages,” and something called “leveraged ink swapped derivatives” (designed by a Wall Street MBA)
  • The ability to trade in common household items for genuine Epson printer ink, including engagement rings, designer handbags, iPhone and iPads (Retina Display only), high-end hi-fi audio equipment (none of that cheap mass produced stuff), purebred puppies with proper paperwork from the American Kennel Club, firstborn children, and more.
  • Blood donation. For example, a complete set of inks for an Epson Stylus Pro 3880 requires 10 pints, other printers will require different quantities.

Epson says that if this program is successful they may launch similar programs for inkjet paper. According to Epson, printer prices will remain attractively low “to welcome as many people into the Epson family as possible.”


    • Sorry but Epson actuaries have informed us that grandmothers have very little residual value and are thus not eligible for the Ink for All! program. Now rustle up some great grandmothers and they might be willing to talk…

  1. Would Hoya qualify? They should have plenty of blood they sucked out of Pentax. Ross Perot even heard that sucking sound.

  2. Where do you think I’ve been getting my magenta ink from for all these years? Remember, when life hands you lemons, that’s your yellow ink right there. Sorry, no pun for blue ink and blueberries.

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