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In a shocking development that threatens the entire industry and possibly human life itself, camera website www.{cough cough}.com has written a provocative headline in a blatant attempt to get page views and additional advertising and affiliate marketing revenue. It’s an unprecedented move for {cough cough}, as they are recognized as one of the leaders in the industry, with very thorough product reviews free of any {cough} and {cough}.

This kind of sensationalist journalism is not very common in the camera industry, which relies solely upon hard facts, frowning upon needless speculation and unsubstantiated rumors that would do little but foment the camera-buying public into a mob-like frenzy. “Leave that yellow journalism to {cough cough}” said {cough cough}, Senior Editor for {cough cough}.com, “our reporting is gluten-free!”

Camera-industry bigwigs are planning to meet over this breach of etiquette by {cough cough} to ensure that this kind of blatantly self-promotional behavior does not happen again. The fear is that repeated offenses would eventually push the whole industry down the slippery slope to an Internet filled with catchy headlines that lead to stories of questionable value. Industry trade group {Cough Cough} said, “Camera enthusiasts are much too busy pushing the art and craft of photography forward to waste needless time speculating about things that don’t really matter.”

The salacious headline by {Cough Cough} mentioned a camera maker {cough cough}, some scented candles, a bottle of wine, and some {goats}.


  1. I appreciate the professionalism and discretion of the NCN editorial staff in not including “Photographytalk” in the coughed out URL.

    We would not want to embarras that website. That would be wrong.

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