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ANNOUNCEMENT: Canon Powershot SX 86,453 HS


Canon proudly announces Powershot SX 86,453 HS, the most powerful super zoom camera on the planet! With a colossal 94,152 times power zoom, the Canon Powershot SX 86,453 HS lets you get up close and personal with the action. Some great uses for the new Powershot SX 86,453 HS include:

  • Youth soccer on a cold, rainy day. Let little Sally romp around in the mud as you snap photos from the comfort of the warm minivan. Better yet, stay at home and shoot from a window!
  • Professional sports for the 99%. The 1% and corporations get all the good seats while you’re stuck up in the nosebleeds eating lukewarm $9 hot dogs and cheap beer. Don’t let that stop you from capturing the winning touchdown though, thanks to the Canon Powershot SX 86,453 HS!
  • Birding. The park is a twenty minute drive. You can hop in the car, or just take photos from your backyard.
  • Sightseeing. New York City is terribly expensive these days. Hotels and restaurants are much cheaper across the river in Weehawken, New Jersey, but who wants photos of Weehawken? With the SX 86,453 HS you can get those iconic, postcard quality photos of Times Square, the Freedom Tower, and Central Park. From Weehawken.
  • Endoscopy. With the optional endoscope attachment, the powerful magnification of the SX 86,453 HS can be used to conduct home endoscopy examinations. Wonder if you have polyps? Wonder no more with the Canon SX 86,453 HS!
  • Moon macros. Yes, moon macros. Think about it.

The possibilities are endless with the Canon SX 86,453 HS!

For a limited time, Canon is shipping each camera with a fifty pound bag of ready-mix concrete which can be used to create a stable base upon which the camera may be embedded.


    • Moon Macros with HDR and Selective Color. That will show them that I am a professional picture-taker guy.

      This camera is a must have!

  1. You forgot to mention the MIS (molecular image stabilization) which shape-shifts the lens to keep those moon rocks in frame.

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