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Macaca Nigra Switches From Canon to Panasonic!


In a press conference attended by all the major photography websites, Macaca Nigra, a crested black macaque, has announced that he’s switching from Canon to Panasonic cameras.

Macaca Nigra, who recently rose to prominence with his selfie, explained his reasons for switching through an interpreter.

“It’s quite simple, really. While I continue to be thrilled by the image quality offered by Canon DSLRs, I’m tired of carrying the heavy body and lenses. I’d like to thank Canon for their support; my oeuvre would not be the same without them. But it’s time to move on, and from henceforth I will be roaming the jungles of Sulawesi with the Panasonic GH4 and the 12-35mm and 35-100mm F2.8 lenses. Their rugged construction and weatherproof sealing will be critical in my shooting; it’s a jungle out there!”

Macaca Nigra was asked whether he’d take advantage of the GH4’s 4k video capability, to which he replied, “In due time. I’ve working on an idea for a documentary, ‘Homo Sapiens Lost in the Sulawesi Jungle’, and think that the GH4’s 4k video will be great for that. But first I’ve got to get my 4k workflow tweaked to my liking. You know, upgrading the computer and storage and backup and all of that. The heat generated by all of this equipment is a major concern, because it’s a jungle out there!”

When asked if the flip-twist screen of the GH4 was a major factor in his decision, Macaca Nigra responded, “You’re not very bright for a homo sapien, are you? Of course! Selfies are my stock in trade, and now they’ll be easier with the Panasonic GH4.”

With his switch, Macaca Nigra becomes the most famous photographer to switch to Panasonic Micro Four-Thirds cameras, and the most famous member of the Lumix Luminaries.

Camera bag makers ThinkTank, f-stop and others are bidding to be the official bag of Macaca Nigra, while Benro, Benbo, and Manfrotto are in competition to be Macaca Nigra’s official tripod.

David J Slater, the wildlife photographer that gave Macaca Nigra his start in photography and who shoots Canon DSLRs, could not be reached for comment.


  1. Factcheck before posting! Or it stops being funny!!

    “You know, upgrading the computer and storage and backup and all of that. The heat generated by all of this equipment is a major concern […]”

    GH4 doesn’t overheat. (m43 generally doesn’t. APS-C/FF – yet.) Compression of the GH4′ 4K footage makes it easily compatible with 2-3 year old PC/Mac hardware. And GH4’s 4K takes on average only 20% more space than the 1080p footage.

    Our monkey overlords are very displeased with your sloppy writing!

  2. It’s only a matter of time before Macaca Nigra’s blog becomes more popular than Ken Rockwell’s. I’ve already seen ads for his safari camera workshops popping up.

  3. Be honest. How many of us had to google what the hell “oeuvre” meant? 🙂

    No one likes a smart Cercopithecinae!!

  4. I am worried if more macaque get into photography.

    Is the world really ready for a Papionini Paparazzo? I don’t think we are.

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