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Canon Threatens Release of EOS-M3


In a surprisingly aggressive and belligerent press release, Canon has threatened to release an EOS-M3 if “various peoples (sic) don’t stop picking on us.”

Canon, as you know, is the big dog of the industry, with unit sales numbers and advertising/sponsorship programs that make nearly everyone else look like it’s amateur night. But Canon is not immune to the forces of the industry, and the near extinction of point-and-shoot sales has everyone, including Canon, nervous about where the industry is headed.

And while all brands are subject to the criticisms of armchair product managers and armchair marketers, Canon isn’t taking kindly to the criticism; it seems like the big dog has a thin skin.

Here is the full press release (full text below image):


“We are sick and tired of people on the Internets saying bad things about us like:

‘Ooh Canon can’t release a successor to the 7D!’

‘Ooh Canon can’t update their APS-C sensor!’

‘Ooh Canon can’t make a serious compact like the Sony RX100!’

‘Ooh Canon can’t build a retro camera!’

‘Ooh Canon can’t shoot 4k video!’

‘Ooh Canon can’t take pictures like my iPhone!’

‘Ooh my back hurts from carrying my Canon!’

Unless this stops and various peoples don’t stop picking on us, we are going to release an EOS M3 and then you all will be sorry.

I hope that we have made our position perfectly clear; zip it or we’ll unleash the EOS M3!

Have a nice day, and thank you for considering Canon products.”


While specifications of the EOS M3 have not been released, website administrators have already begun tamping down discussions on the potential new camera for fear that Canon will be true to its word and release an EOS M3.

Stay tuned as NCN continues to follow this evolving story!


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  2. Does this mean Canon is going to release a new Eos M with..
    – updated APS-C sensor
    – very fast focusing
    – retro body with superb viewfinder
    – 4K video
    That’s a way to go.. well done canon 🙂

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