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Pentaxicans Anxiously Await New Entry Level DSLR


Pentaxicans around the world are giddy with excitement following leaked spy photos of Pentax’s newest entry-level DSLR, the uniquely-styled K-S1.

Pentax has a knack it seems for polarizing* cameras. Recent cameras like the K-01, Q, and colored editions of the K-x, K-30, K-50, K-3, et. al… have been met with mixed reviews from the Pentax faithful, some falling head over heels for the newest models and others predicting the ultimate and sad demise of a once proud brand.

It’s very rare indeed to find agreement among such a diverse group of users, but the K-S1 is cutting through all differences and unifying Pentaxicans like never before. Some of the comments spotted on Pentax camera forums like PentaxForums.com include:

“I love the LEDs! They are so RAD!”

“Who needs full frame? This camera will smite all non-believers!”

“I think that we can all agree that this is a beautiful camera and just what Pentax needs to ascend to their rightful place as the best camera maker. Ever.”

“The K-S1 reminds me of a Braun toaster I purchased in the 80s. Boy did that toaster make great toast! I liked it so much that I bought a matching bread maker.”

“I showed the spy photos with pride to two of my friends that shoot Canon and Nikon DSLRs. Boy are they ever jealous!”

“For Sale: Fuji X-T1 with prime lenses. Cheap. It’s an ok system but I must sell so that I can purchase the K-S1!”

“Thank you Ricoh!”


Word on the street is that other camera makers are totally jealous right now, since their new cameras are always met with mixed reactions from their most ardent followers. The chorus heard on forums throughout camera land is “Pentax K-S1: How will {insert inferior brand} respond?”. Fan of Panasonic and Olympus are calling for the re-introduction of the Four-Thirds mount and the associated mirror box to mimic the K-S1. Nikon is thinking of re-introducing the V2 in grey. And Sony fans have started a petition on Change.org called “Fire the Sony camera designers and replace them with designers from Hasselblad.”

Not since the Canon EOS-M have camera fans been so unified in their opinion of a new camera.


* Of opinions, not light


  1. The body sorta does look like the JK Kodak Pixpro S1…
    Condescending counts as funny too, right?

  2. You will all stop laughing when you discover there won’t be new Pentax or Nikon or Canon. That’s it folks, there is nothing to discover!

  3. Ricoh…

    … ’cause noone else can destroy a brand this quickly.

    Even Hoya wouldn’t do it. in this. apparent. fashion.

    Watching the head of Pentax-US acting “excited” in his introduction-video for the K-S1 made me laugh & cry. Poor fellow! Not. Even. Funny.

    Who am I kidding: This was hillarious!

    Cheers Pentax fans. Ricoh will kill (our shared) affection for that brand in no time, guaranteed!

  4. Everyone that I’ve spoken to in person loves the look of this camera. And because she said that, I’ve ordered a white one! Those LEDs could save my life (or my camera’s life) in a blizzard, so then who will be laughing? Guess the mitten’s on the other shoe now, … or … something.

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