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SCOOPED: Canon G7x


Thanks to a back alley deal involving roasted chickens and a foot rub, NCN has exclusive spy shots of the new Canon G7x, a point-and-shoot camera that is pre-destined to resuscitate the moribund category and lift it to heights of success never before imagined.

Canon once again shows the industry that they are not just willing to lead with sales and profits but that they are true innovators, often months and years ahead of the competition. Canon when they are on the sort of creative roll like they are now is like Steve Jobs coming back from the grave, shooting a six pack of Red Bull, and then dropping acid.

Without further ado, here’s the G7x:



The question on everybody’s mind is how will Sony, Nikon, and others respond to such an innovative, class-leading design? Only time will tell. We even took the liberty of showing these spy photos to our contact within Sony and they said, “Now why didn’t we think of that?” We wouldn’t be surprised if everyone else just gave up and smartphones sales tanked as a result of putting so much awesome into such a svelte black box.


  1. Wait, wrong brand. I think this is the new Leica, lovingly cut from a block of aluminum and polished by some machinist at a factory for weeks and months. Wow, that sure makes it take better pictures.

  2. Forget Scott Kelby this is the camera that will finally make Ashton Kutcher jump over to Canon as a gesture to unite the fanboys once and for all.

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