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Canon Parties Like Its 2009 with the 7D Mark II


Canon’s big product launch at Photokina is the 7D Mark II, the long awaited successor to the 7D. Canon is hoping that thousands of DSLR users will want to upgrade their old 7Ds and that thousands more will forget that DSLRs are doomed..

2009 was an innocent time, a time before twerking, before Grumpy Cat, before the Harlem Shake. We had a black president. Olympus still made mirrored cameras. And “selfie” wasn’t in the OED. Launched that year (in Apple time, 3GS), the original 7D was a sports-shootin’, APS-Cin’, flip-floppy mirrorin’ beast that was the envy of the industry. But much has happened since those heady times. The unexpected* rise of the smartphone has cratered the point-and-shoot market, the decidedly unsexy but lucrative piece of the camera pie. And smaller, high quality mirrorless cameras continue to draw the attention of enthusiasts, some as an addition to their camera bags and, for an increasing number, as a complete replacement for their blobby and bulky DSLRs.

Never mind that though. Canon wants to party like it’s 2009, like the market hasn’t changed in those five years, like everyone and their mother-in-law still wants a Canon DSLR, and like the next five years aren’t likely to bring even more flux and change. Let’s give them their moment to bask in their fading glory.

* Unexpected, at least, by the camera makers like Canon who we thought had offices full of market researchers and crystal balls and are thus able to see trends far on the event horizon so that they don’t get caught flat-footed and with product lines that aren’t in line with the ever-changing times. Little did we know.


  1. NCN, Don’t be negative.

    Canon: we give our customers the technology they have been used to.

    Ya gots to know how to spin it

  2. BTY: a picture of Prince with his shirt off is NOT what I want to see when reading cutting edgy foot news.

    That which has been seen, can not be unseen

  3. This site rocks. A must read. Thanks for the laughs.

    You know the funny thing is that this Canon 7d mark ii is selling very well…it’s number 1 on Amazon.com among all digital cameras, not just dslr’s. So in spite of the fact that everything in this article seems right, the market keeps sending signals that Canon is right after all.

  4. Wow, kuhl! A big bulky DSLR coupled with an f/5.6 kit zoom – the suburbanites’ delight at the big box store. “Honey, Joe and Buffy next door have a bigger one.”

  5. Really!!! you think Canon & Nikon’s target market is the run of the mill selfie photographer. No phone can compete with large sensors, so until Apple can stuff a FF sensor into an overpriced phone the big two are here to stay. They will have to get their CSC’s sorted out though, as this is likely to be the way forward for serious photographers. To the rest of those vainglorious snappers who like to see their own ugly mug, go out and buy an I-Phone or something else that rocks your boat.

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