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LEAKED: Nikon D750 EVOO Special Edition


Nikon, not content to watch wedding photographers migrate en masse to the iPhone, are striking back with a unique mix of products designed for this lucrative market.

Scheduled to be announced at Photokina 2014, the new Nikon D750 EVOO Edition marries the 24 megapickle FX sensor of the brandy new Nikon D750 with Partanna Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) to create an unbeatable combination of speed, image quality, and anti-oxidants. With the Nikon D750 EVOO, wedding photographers will be able to snap photos at wedding receptions at a speedy 6.5FPS while adding tasty Partanna EVOO to guests’ salads.

In early prototypes, Nikon explored the idea of integrating a pepper mill into the D750 but found that the grinding action caused stability issues with the sensor. Rumor has it that Nikon engineers from the D600 team were the missing ingredient, and, once added, were a match made in heaven. The D750 EVOO soon followed.

The Nikon D750 EVOO comes with 750ml (see the connection?!) of Partanna EVOO, enough for eight standard North American weddings or 4 Greek weddings. Partanna EVOO refills are available at fine Italian grocers everywhere.


  1. Omg BREAKTHROUGH!!!!!a twisty flippy LCD and wifi!!!!!!!!!!!!This is pathetic :it’s like watching a favorite old horse die painfully the sunwitha broken leg.

    Somebody please do the dignified thing ; call Nikon, and tell them “it’s over”…Have them produce a commemorative Nikon F Photomic film slr body from 1969; bundle it with a brick of tri-x; number them and sell them for Leica stupid prices.

    Before they wet their pants camera on the red carpet and embarass themselves…
    The same with my friends at Canon 7dmkII”really”????????Fire up the old tooling, build one last run of all steel F1n bodies ;motor drives;and finders(pentaprisms)..Call it an “era”and go home.

    Go out with some dignity; fer cry in’ out loud..

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