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CONFIRMED! Pentax to Release Full Frame Camera!


As the most trusted name in the camera industry, Pentax has given New Camera News the honor of announcing some really big news! The following press release was shared with us at Photokina:
“For years Pentax enthusiasts have had to cope with the First World shame of knowing that they weren’t getting the most from their cameras and lenses, that the photography world looked down upon them with a cocktail of pity and disdain. “Full Frame!” The world seemed to shout, and everyone at Pentax wanted to shout “Full Frame!” too. But at the time we could not produce the full frame camera that Pentaxicans wanted and had to make one of the most difficult decisions of our corporate lives*-release a cropped sensor camera now or wait until we could release a full frame camera? As the world (and long-suffering Pentaxicans know), we decided to release a cropped sensor camera.

It was not a decision that we made lightly, when you consider the long and proud history of Pentax. But we believe that it was the right decision at the time and we defend it. At the time of introduction, it was not feasible from either a sensor supply perspective or a product cost perspective to produce a camera that utilized the full frame that the lens mount and lenses were designed for. So we made the difficult, but what we believe was the right decision to release a cropped version of the camera. We understand that many were disappointed, but there are also many that purchased and used the cropped cameras, keeping Pentax alive through even the darkest days.

But thanks to our new corporate overlords, we are happy to announce that in 2015 Pentax will introduce their first full frame digital camera, the first digital Pentax to utilize the sensor size that the lens mount and lenses were designed for, the full 1″ frame Q2!

Currently, Pentax Q owners have to suffer the ignominy of using cropped 1/2.3 and 1/1.7 sensors. But the monkey is finally off of our backs, and in 2015, Pentax users will finally be confident in the knowledge that their Q2 cameras are finally using the full 1″ frame that they were designed for. The Q2 will be released, fittingly, in Q2 of 2015, and will be available in 8,000 different colors.

We would like to thank our loyal Pentaxicans for their continued support through these difficult times.

* Remember, corporations are people too and have feels.”


Stay tuned as NCN continues to cover this story. Because that’s what we do. And because Pentax thinks we are awesome.


  1. I’m extremely grateful that Ricoh chose NCN to distribute this important news which could never be trusted to a measly “stand” report preceded by pages of yellow pixellated curtains surrounding black pages of drivel. I know that if Bultaco or Ossa needed a fountain of understanding in this world, NCN would be there.

    • Thank you! We have no idea who you might be referring to….”black pages of drivel”…who could that be?

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