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PHOTOKINA EXCLUSIVE! Leica Signs Macaca Nigra as Spokesprimate


Macaca Nigra, fresh from his legal victory over that attention-seeking so-called photographer David J Slater, has signed a lucrative deal to be the official spokesprimate of Leica AG. Macaca Nigra will be featured in Leica advertising and promotions as well as appearing at select events.

Leica, the pre-eminent luxury camera brand, is excited to sign Macaca Nigra. Speaking at Photokina, Leica said, “For many, Leica symbolizes the glorification of a simpler, earlier time, of viewing the past through rose colored filters. When you think about it, what better way to recognize the past than to reach way back, to a time before plumbing, before the wheel, before caves. For Leica, Macaca Nigra is the embodiement of those earlier times and an embodiement of our values.”

We spoke with Macaca Nigra via Skype about this exciting new phase in his career.

NCN: Thank you for taking the time to speak with us.

MN: You’re quite welcome. I’m thrilled to be speaking with NCN, a leader in camera news, and working with Leica, such an iconic brand. The fit is perfect, because Leica shares the same values that I do as a creative artist. There’s real synergy here.

NCN: What are those values?

MN: Simply put, the old ways are better.

NCN: Interesting… Can you talk about your first ad with Leica?

MN: Yes. The first ad, “No Chimping” is a clarion call to bring photography back to its primal roots, but not so far back that you actually have to get your hands dirty.

NCN: Is that what removing the rear LCD is about?

MN: Exactly, the M60 is “for the dillentatish primate in all of us” or at least those with trust funds, and those with marble bathrooms that are loathe to turn them into darkrooms.

NCN: So you don’t like the rear LCD?

MN: Have you seen my selfie?

NCN: Yes.

MN: No LCD was used. That photo is an extension of the self and quite literally an extension of my arm.

NCN: Ahhh, ok. Can you talk about the second ad a little bit?


MN: Certainly! “Monkey see, monkey manual focus” is a rejection of the disintermediation of the photographer and subject by artificial autofocus systems.

NCN: Interesting…One final question. Does Leica realize that you’re not a chimpanzee or a monkey?

MN: No, and please don’t tell them. This is a sweet deal, I’d hate to lose it over a technicality.

Look for the Leica ads featuring Macaca Nigra wherever Cigar Afficionado is sold.


  1. Really? As the preeminent news organization for the camera world you can’t do better than “your” not a chimpanzee. For shame!

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