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SPIED: Olympus Full-Frame Camera Phone at Photokina!


Amidst all the pomp and circumstance of Photokina 2014 are little nuggets of the future of photography, not shown on the show floor but rather in clandestine meetings arranged by operatives. Only the most connected and most influential get to glimpse these prototypes and are under strict confidentiality rules not to discuss these top secret plans with anybody.

Here then are NCN’s grainy spy photos of Olympus’ super top mega secret skunkworks project–a full-frame smartphone!

In a bold move, Olympus went right past the smaller sensors popular in smart phones. They also went past the larger sensor in the iPhone 6. And they kept on going, past the 1” sensor that Panasonic crammed into the CM1, past the Micro Four-Thirds standard that they use in their camera line, and even past the APS-C sized sensor in Sony’s alien QX1. Based on the brief time we had with the Olympus prototype, we believe that the Olympus smartphone, code-named “XiPhone” will merge Apple’s IOS (the first licensed use of Apple’s mobile operating system) with a full-frame camera!

The suddenly crappy Panasonic CM1

The suddenly crappy Panasonic CM1

As is common practice with early prototypes, Olympus would not let us insert one of our own SD cards and take some sample shots. Truth told, we had some difficulty finding the SD card slot. But here’s what we do know–the “XiPhone” will incorporate a 35mm F2.8 lens and a unique system of interchangeable sensors! Olympus says that users will be able to change sensors based on shooting conditions and that some sensors will incorporate “filters” like black & white, high contrast, rich saturation, grainy, etc… The possibilities are endless and fill us with “what if….” possibilities. To be honest, we’re giddy. And you should be too, should the “XiPhone” ever make it to market.

NCN will continue to break these stories that others are afraid to touch.


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