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Camera Bloggers Struggling Post-Photokina


Now that Photokina 2014 is over and the last “Best of Photokina” story has been filed, bloggers around the world are faced with the biggest challenge of their careers–what to write about now?

The hangover was palpable in the hotel bars in Cologne at the end of the show as writers and bloggers, feet sore from miles and miles from walking, cried in their cocktails. Until bloggers get their grubby paws on the new products, they’ve got little more than scraps to write about–firmware updates, in-stock status of cameras, reviews of camera straps, etc…Some writers even started a Change.org petition to turn Photokina into an all-year industry show, with new products introduced daily. Manufacturers blanched at the idea, suggesting that at that pace, we’d see 200 megapickle Pentax Qs by the end of the year.

Bloggers felt honor bound to their feed their audience camera news. “These camera buffs come to our website daily,” said one blogger. “Our web stats show they spend plenty of time on our site, particularly during work hours. How would they get through their otherwise mind-numbing day without a photo of a creepy mannequin, bottle of wine, and fabric samples?”

Steve Stonewall, the most prolific camera blogger in the history of camera blogging, admits that even he is struggling in the wake of Photokina. “After last week’s gearapalooza, this week is proving really challenging,” says Stonewall, “If Sony doesn’t introduce a new camera or new lens mount (let’s not kid ourselves, they’re not going to announce a new lens) in the next 24 hours, I may be forced to write about actual photographs!”


  1. Over on Canonrumors they are already talking about how bad the 7D Mk III and the 80D will be. No one letting the grass grow under their feet!.

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