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Nikon D750 Makes It Easy to Share Photos!


The yellow ink is barely dry on the boxes of the new Nikon D750 and people are already reporting problems. As reported by Amateur PhotographerPetapixel, the Nikon D750’s WiFi ships with an unsecure connection, enabling people other than the camera owner to secretly retrieve photos from the camera. Some are calling for Nikon to issue a firmware update that addresses this issue. But Nikon claims that the unsecured WiFi connection is a feature, not a bug.

In an exclusive interview with NCN, Nikon said, “Who are we kidding? It’s 2014, and once a photo taken with the D750 is posted online it is going to get stolen anyway…probably because people are so hungry for the D750’s 24 megapickle full-frame goodness. So somebody else is going to get all the credit while the D750 owner did the hard work of setting up and composing the shot and then processing it.”

“So we thought, why not cut right to the chase? Why not just let people steal the photos right after they are taken? That way, the D750 does not have to go through the trouble of storing thousands of photos on their hard drive, picking one or two special snowflakes to post-process to within an inch of their lives, only to have it stolen within five minutes of posting on Flicker. This is fresh new thinking from our CEO Ashton Kutcher. This is the new Nikon.”

Nikon is currently working on incorporating WiFi in all of their cameras, and setting up a cloud service that will automatically upload everyone’s photos soon after they are taken, strip all rights data from the EXIF, and post them to Flickr, Imgur, NSA, and Bing.


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  1. I just downloaded the new Google app which lets you search every D750 camera in the world for photos. So far I’ve found a few hundred pictures of Mila Kunis and some selfies of Macaca Nigra.

  2. Any truth to the rumour that the new Canon 80D will automatically steal Nikon D750 images and try to pass them off as coming from the Canon?

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