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EXCLUSIVE! Canon Inks Unique Deal with NCN!


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: NCN is proud to announce that we’ve inked a unique deal with Canon. Yes, Canon. The deal is unique in the otherwise staid camera industry and is sure to spawn a number of copycats. As part of the deal, Canon will develop fake products along with marketing materials for those products. NCN will report on those products as if they were real.

Canon said, “We really enjoy a good laugh, and we enjoy NCN, so we thought that we’d pitch in and pretend to launch fake products that NCN can report on. Following the NCN model, the products will be so ridiculously unbelievable that you can’t but shake your head in disbelief. We’re happy to play the big, dumb, lumbering, tone deaf monolith to NCN’s smart alecky upstart. It’s all about the comedy after all, isn’t it? Right?”


“Our first collaboration will be a white, ivory, and silver camera bag that we’ll say was designed by Stella McCartney for Canon. How funny would that be!? Won’t that make the owner’s of 5DIIIs irate that we’re spending time on something so ridiculous, that we’re spending time on handbags instead of a new sensor for the 5D Mark IV!? But wait! In the product shots we’ll also have a white EOS 100D! People will think that Canon has completely lost its mind and lost touch with what photographers in 2014 want. We’ll play the embarrassing uncle that still thinks it’s the 90s and listens to Whitney Houston and eats portabella burgers and sun-dried tomatoes. Isn’t that hilarious?”

NCN said, “We’re honored to be recognized by Canon for our important contributions to camera and photography journalism. But we’re not quite sure where they got the idea that NCN is anything less than a serious camera site. NCN looks forward to working with Canon on more ‘fake’ product launches.”


  1. I knew that this Linda product had to be a spoof. I mean no legitimate camera company would do something like this seriously. Right?

    Wait? If this article is satire, does that make the Cannon announcement of the Linda real?


  2. Just came from a hospital I was looking for headline “Man suffers stroke during Photokina after learning there will be no surprises” and you completely ignore me!l” Even Stella gets more attention!

  3. And you totally missed Canon’s “countdown to nothing” ad. I heard that all 3 people who were expecting an EOS-M3 announcement were disappointed.

  4. Oh’s Noes! NCN is on a “supportive hiatus” until DPR actually publishes a review of something… anything!

    • I wonder which will happen first?

      1. NCN has a new post
      2. Canon introduces an innovatative product


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