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Nick Hahn
Posts: 1

Hi, long-time lurker, first time poster. I’m writing for the first time because I really respect everyone here and find myself in a dilemma and hope that you all can give me some solid advice.

Let’s cut to the chase. Right now, my pictures suck. Honestly. And I’m being 100% objective. The compositions are terrible. They’re not even compositions, it’s more like, “Oh, here’s a thing! Let me put it in the middle of the frame and take a picture!”

Not only that, but those ‘things’-the subjects-are so boring and trite and predictable! “Oh look a flower!” followed by “Oh look! Another sunset!”, then, “Look at this hamburger!” followed by “Oh look at this rusting, peeling thing!” Repeat ad infinitum. Repeat ad nauseum.

And it’s been like this for years. There’s been no improvement. I don’t know how much longer I can take it. So that’s my dilemma. I think that I need an upgrade. What does everyone else think?

Ken Tacx
Posts: 3,250

Welcome to the group! Have you thought about a photo trip or picture a day project?

Nick Hahn
Posts: 2

I did try that and it was awful. We went to Rome and it was beautiful. You’d think it would be hard to take a bad photo in Rome, but believe me it is possible. We took literally hundreds of terrible photos, including boring Italian cat and Italian food photos. Don’t even get me started on Italian rust LOL! I wanted to die.

And then one year we did a picture a day project and I wanted to wipe my memory. Monday-cat. Tuesday-the other cat. Wednesday-both cats. Thursday-a door knob. Friday-pizza. Try doing that for 52 weeks!

Sam Song
Posts: 8,343

To be honest, the only way to improve your photographs is an upgrade. Sounds like you need a faster processor with more and faster memory and creative filters. You’ve clearly outgrown your photographer.

Chloe Dak
Posts: 455

Yeah, I was with a terrible camera owner for a while. Nothing but photos of stuff around the house, around the office, and employees at the camera shop. It was terrible. I was going out of my mind. I tried everything to get away. I tried killing the battery after just 50 photos. He just bought a new battery. I tried mis-focusing. He just bought a manual focus lens and turned on focus peaking. When he wasn’t looking, I’d turn on the ten-second timer and make him miss the shot. Problem was, the damn cats were always sleeping so he’d just wait and get the shot anyway.

At the end of the day, it took a new camera with wi-fi to draw his attention. Soon after he bought it, I was boxed up and sold to an 18 year entering photography school. I’m soooo much happier.

Nick Hahn
Posts: 3

Thank you all for giving me hope! I’m going to try setting the ISO to 12,800 when he’s not looking. The 10-second timer idea sounds good too. Wish me luck!


  1. > Nick Hahn
    > Ken Tacx
    > Sam Song
    > Chloe Dak

    And where are the other veteran members – Khan Ohn and O. Limbson?
    And the ever persistent noobs – Sun Yi and Penni Shawn?

    P.S. 😉

  2. Don’t listen to my camera. It lies! I know that some say that the camera never lies, but they do… all the time

    (I knew my camera was talking about me behind my back)

    That’s why I will never get a camera with WiFi. I don’t want my camera spreading lies about me to other cameras.

  3. OK, you think you’re hot stuff with your smart capture mode, eh? I’m putting you in manual mode for the next month and you can take badly exposed pictures of cats, bees, and leaves. Keep it up, and we go to manual focus too.

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