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Europeans Take Crappy, Boring Photo of Rock


Rose Etta
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Hi, I took this photo of a nearby rock and would like some constructive criticism.


Internet Photo Expert #1

I don’t know how else to say this, but the image quality is so poor that it takes away from what might be an interesting photo. This looks like it was taken with your iPhone.

If you are going to take more photos like this, I’d suggest investing in better gear.

Internet Photo Expert #2

I get the sense that you are skimping on your gear and it’s affecting the result. You really should consider a full-frame camera if you are serious about photography.

Internet Photo Expert #3

Yeah, what’s missing for me is that everything is in focus. The best photos have elements that are in focus and elements that are out of focus. I shoot exclusively at F1.4 on my Canon 5DIII and I like all of my photos.

Internet Photo Expert #4

Yeah, the poor colors are really throwing me off. In challenging light situations you should bring an 18% grey card with you and custom white balance. All you need to do is hold the card out in front of you and take a photo. Once you’re back home, use the dropper in Lightroom and voila custom white balance!

At this point, the only way you can salvage this photo is converting it to black and white.

Rose Etta

Posts: 2

I did try black and white. How’s this?


Internet Photo Expert #2

The black & white is better IMNSHO but it looks like you’ve missed focus. For moving subject, DSLRs are the way to go. Mirrorless cameras are improving, but in my experience anything moving faster than 15mph needs to be taken with a DSLR.

Internet Photo Expert #5

I beg to differ. DSLRs suffer from focus alignment issues. Mirrorless cameras on the other hand don’t. The newest generation of mirrorless cameras could have nailed this shot easily.

Internet Photo Expert #6

I would have gotten closer and completely filled the frame. And even if you have a prime lens or a zoom at the long end of its range, I would have “foot zoomed” to get the shot right.

Internet Photo Expert #7

If you want to get closer, I’d invest in a Pentax Q and a lens adapter. With the extreme crop factor, you can get a much nicer shot. And the camera comes in funky colors!

Internet Photo Expert #8

I would have shot this square and added some Instagram filters. That’s what all the kids are doing these days. Something like this.


Internet Photo Expert #9

I can’t get past the poor composition. It’s like no consideration was given at all to framing, like you said, “Oh look, here’s a rock!” and you simply snapped the shutter.

Internet Photo Expert #10

Better, but again, you should really compose using the Rule of Thirds. That’s the only way to do it.

I took the liberty of editing your photo to show you what a good Rule of Thirds composition looks like. Look and learn.


Internet Photo Expert #11

I think what’s missing here is context-where was this photo of this rock taken? Why is this particular rock important in the cosmos? Here’s a quick and dirty Photoshop of what I’m talking about.


Internet Photo Expert #12

I really think the Sony A7s would have done a much better job here. I’d look at that.

Internet Photo Expert #13

I disagree. I would have used a Nikon D810 with the 70-200mm F2.8 VR zoom. People rave about the A7s low light capabilities, but I’ve had great success controlling noise on the D810. After all, most photos are viewed at web resolutions anyways.


Rose Etta
Posts: 3

Thank you all for your constructive criticism! I feel like I’ve learned so much from you all and will be thinking about these things when I go out again and take pictures. In the meantime, I need to research better gear!


  1. Screw FF and other cameras. Have few vodkas on rocks, that will improve your photos!
    PS. Why you take pics of stupid rocks?

  2. The lighting is all wrong. Can’t you get a few more light sources to illuminate your subject better? Maybe some fill and bounce flash plus a reflector or two? Remember gear solves all.

  3. Did you, by any chance, give a name to this rock? If not, I can recommend 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. Feels like an appropriate name for a nearby rock.

  4. What’s with the DR? Were you shootin with a Canon??

    And a real geologist would have included a hammer in the picture for scale.


    • If you expect to be able to see a hammer in that picture, you haven’t understood the scale…


  5. Um, does anyone else notice that this rock is shaped like Australia? I think this rock was sent from outer space as a sign they will be landing in Australia.

    • Any species capable of interstellar travel would be far too smart to go anywhere near Australia…

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