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RUMORED: Rumor of an Olympus Rumor


A rumor has hit Micro Four-Thirds forums and blogs about an upcoming rumor from Olympus.

Rumors about the rumor are spreading quickly. Some think that the rumor will be about a rumored new camera. Others think that it will be about a rumored new lens. Others still are whispering things like 4K video, F1.2, dual SD card slots,  ‘game changing’ new technology, and some are using their rumor opportunity to play product designer. Internet forum experts are predicting that the rumor will be a teaser about a rumored new thing, which is leading to heated online debates about the rumored new thing’s possible specifications, if Panasonic will respond with a rumor of their own, and how the rumor competes in the marketplace with other imaginary things.

While it’s not the style of NCN to monger rumors (we’d much rather monger fish), we feel compelled to share this rumor because we’re pretty convinced that this is a real rumor about a rumor. We give this rumor a NCN-RumorRumor rating of 6.42-High Likelihood of Rumor.


  1. The rumor I heard was that Olympus will be using a moving sensor to create 40 megapixel 8 frame composite images. In other words, they’re CREATING and CONTROLLING shutter shock.

    • Is there any kind of source for that rumor? I’ve been reading speculation about that kind of thing for years (mostly Pentax-related)…

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