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Photography Declared Not an Art, Photographers Breathe Sigh of Relief


In a stunning judgement, art critic Jonathon Jones has unilaterally declared that photography is not an art and photographers around the world are celebrating the decision.

Jones, known the world over as the arbiter of pretty much everything and anything, has held photography in low regard ever since the invention of the camera put scads of unimaginative, hackneyed portrait painters out of business.

Once the decision was rendered by Jones, photographers around the world considered the momentous occasion…

“Thank God that Jones has deemed photography not an art, otherwise, I’d have to actually read his bloviations and care about what he thinks. Now I have extra toilet paper.”

“I was really worried that Jones would call photography an art. I don’t look good in a beret.”

“Imagine a world where photography was considered an art and photographers were considered artists. It would be terrible! Only a handful of people would do it, nearly every last one of them not on a trust fund would be poor, and nobody would see their work anyway because all the best stuff was already done hundreds of years ago. Perish the thought!”

“I really like how Jones has disintermediated the process from the product, in effect negotiating a truce between the Id and the ego of fin de siecle Eastern Europe typified by the Vienna Secession. Wait, OMG, I think I’m an artist now! Help!”

Photography forums are planning a “Thank God We’re Not an Art!” day and will have photo walks and talks by actual living people that didn’t cut their ears off.


  1. There is some logic in this
    -Art is in the eye of the bee holder
    -A bee holder is a hive
    -Hives make up an Apiary
    -The only ape we know who is involved in photography is that Macaca Nigra
    -The Macaca Nigra only takes selfies
    -So the only artistic photography is selfies


  2. More ramifications:
    The Sigma Art Lens is now called the Sigma Damn Good Lens
    Photography has now been moved to the farm animal section of the county fair
    JPG compression artifacts are now called JPG compression oopsiefacts
    My photographer friend Art is now known as Doug.

  3. I am devastated! No more champagne, cheap girls or generous money grants! And all this in the spirit of X-mas.
    Thanks a lot!!!

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