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Canon Issues Recall


Wishing to show the photographic community that Leica isn’t the only manufacturer willing to stand behind their product, Canon has announced via a press release an unprecedented recall and replacement program of their own.

Canon has identified an issue with EOS-M cameras that is causing a critical image problem-owners are embarrassed to admit to other photographers that they actually purchased an EOS-M camera. This issue affects nearly all EOS-M cameras and their owners and may result in “high quality photos but lacking in any public or civic aspect for fear of being seen in public with the EOS-M.”

Owners of EOS-cameras are encouraged to contact Canon and arrange for a return of their EOS-M camera along with, according to the release, “all of their orphan EOS-M lenses and accessories.” Once the camera and accessories have been returned and “reduced to a fine powder,” Canon will issue a gift certificate in the amount of the full purchase price so that owners may “purchase a real mirrorless camera from someone like Sony, Panasonic, Olympus, or Fuji.” According to the release, “this offer may not be applied to Nikon or Pentax mirrorless cameras because…really now, let’s be serious.”


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