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Family Cancels Vacation After Rumors of New Canon Surfaces


The Smith family of Springfield has abruptly cancelled an upcoming family vacation due to rumors about a new Canon high megapickle sensor.

The Smiths–husband Robert, wife Kate, and teenage daughter Dolores–had been planning the vacation for months, a week in Costa Rica kayaking, snorkeling, parasailing, zip lining, and days on the beach, but news of the rumored new Canon has put all vacation plans on hold until the new camera is officially announced, pre-orders filled, and unboxing videos made.

“The whole family was really excited by this trip of a lifetime but I knew that we couldn’t have fun anymore with our Canon 5Diii and it’s measly 22.3 megapickles,” said Mr. Smith. “Besides, our neighbors (the Joneses) just got a Nikon D800 with 36 megapickles which means we can’t use the Canon anymore in public. With all of this in mind, I thought it best to postpone the trip until after the new Canon is released. Or we might jump ship to the Sony a7R since I heard that Canon is doomed.”

For her part, Kate Smith wanted to go right to the Pentax 645z, even if it meant dipping into the retirement fund. “Let’s get one thing straight, you are who you pretend to be, and we want to pretend to be a family with high net worth and high resolution,” said Mrs. Smith, “How else will little Dolores get into a top-ranked Ivy League?”

Dolores is not in agreement with her parents’ decision and is using the teen Internet (aka Snapchat and Twitter) to vent her frustration.

“Costa Rica cancelled. Will have to take new GoPro skiing instead. #LifeIsNotFair.”
“Dad takes weeks to post photos to the old people internet #FacebookIsForOldPeople.”
“I hate #Canon. Can’t use them with a selfie stick. #InstagramisLife.”
“I can take a picture, add a filter, and share faster than mom can set up tripod. #iPhoneRulez

The Smith have cancelled their annual vacation every year since the EOS Digital Rebel was introduced in 2003.



  1. Canon is doomed anyway.
    I, for one, am eagerly awaiting the announcement of the five new Sony bodies this month. Maybe there will even be a lens in the upcoming months!

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