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National Rumor Service (NRS) Identifies Anomaly Over Pentaxica


Scientists at the National Rumor Service (NRS) have noticed a sudden increase in optimism among Pentaxicans in recent days and are issuing a warning to all Pentaxicans to keep their hopes in check.

“Utilizing our advanced Kepler 2000 Rumor Warning System, we noticed an anomaly in the Pentaxica region. After enhancing the image, we’ve identified the source of this optimism–the upcoming CP+2015 photography show mid-February in Yokohama, Japan. Our data suggests that long-suffering Pentaxicans are pinning their hopes on the announcement of a full-frame Pentax K-mount at the show and this is causing the increase in optimism.”

While optimism itself is not harmful, scientist from the NRS warn that such high levels of optimism can lead to UE (Unrealistic Expectations). Along with ED, UE is the leading cause of agita among men over a certain age.

As a precautionary measure, mental health professionals are being dispatched to Pentax enthusiast websites (both of them) in the days leading up to the CP+2015 and will remain there for several weeks to help members deal with the inevitable disappointment. “It’s odd…they should be used to disappointment by now.” noted a NRS scientist.


  1. But … I heard it IS actually going to happen this time!
    The full 36 x 24 mm sized sensor, with 16-bit colour depth per channel!
    And the switch to flip the sensor around for monochrome images!
    [Just hang on a second, I’ve got to pop out and make some photographs.]

  2. Ha,ha, “they should be used to disappointment by now,” that must hurt them! I am sure you are the most wanted man on their list, the second is FF Pentax!

  3. April first is 3 months away. It’s getting started early must be el nino or global warning or cooling.

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