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Canon Planning High Megapickle 5Ds with Secret Surprise!

The rumor mills are buzzing about the upcoming Canon 5Ds, the big news being the 50 megapickles Canon is rumored to be packing into the camera’s plus-sized frame sensor. In an exclusive super mega top secret interview with NCN, Canon has revealed that the camera will have a secret “feature”…

NCN: So what’s this secret feature? 4K video?

Canon: No.


Canon: No.

NCN: Retro? Will it look like grandpa’s old camera?

Canon: No.

NCN (growing impatient): Well then what the hell is it going to be?

Canon: Easter Egg.

NCN: Easter Egg?

Canon: Yes, Easter Egg.


Canon: Yes. The market, as you know, is going through some very big changes.

NCN: Yes, we are the undisputed world leader in chronicling those changes.

Canon: Yes you are. So we have studied the market very carefully, looking for the things that are most important to photographers so that we can change with the times and not be left behind.

NCN: So how are you going to respond? Will the 5Ds be mirrorless?

Canon: No.

NCN: Will it be smaller than other full-sized DSLRs?

Canon: No.

NCN: Will it have apps like a smartphone so you can post directly to Instagram?

Canon: No.

NCN: Then what is this damn Easter Egg?

Canon: We have noticed that photographers like talking about things they find in their cameras. Unexpected things. Surprising things. They find them and then they write about it in their blog and then within a week the whole entire Internet is talking and blogging and tweeting about it.

NCN: Wait…you mean like when it was discovered that the Nikon D600 would spit whenever it took a picture?

Canon: Exactly-Easter Egg!

NCN: And the D750 and D810 with their bright spots?

Canon: Yes. Also, Pentax with their flopping mirror, Fuji with their poor AF, and Sony.

NCN: Sony?

Canon: Yes, Sony. Every camera is Easter Egg so they replace it in just six months with a new camera.

NCN: Are you freaking serious?

Canon: Very. We study the Internet and see that these Easter Eggs are more important to photographers than the photos themselves. So the 5Ds will have Easter Egg.

NCN: How about EOS-M? Will there be an M3?

Canon: We cannot talk any more about future product. Suffice to say, many at Canon see the EOS-M as Easter Egg for whole company….

NCN: So that means yes?

Canon: No comment, but as they say on the AOL, wink wink.

So there you have it. Canon is not sitting still and determined to respond to the changing marketplace. Only time will tell if this Easter Egg strategy will work out.


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