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Olympus and Panasonic Celebrate 10 Years, Some Better, Some Worse.


They were calling it the Wedding of the Century* in 2005 when Olympus, the aging yet still spirited MILF (Maker In Love with Film) and Panasonic, the young toaster of the town, exchanged vows in front of a small mirror. Some whispered that it was a marriage of convenience because Olympus still had some brand sashay that Panasonic sorely needed and Panasonic could give Olympus some nice implants. In short order they announced the first babies, Olympus with a cute little DLSR and Panasonic with a newborn with the wrinkles and temperament of an old man. But the honeymoon didn’t last long, as marital problems soon beset this match made in silicon.

FourThirds-Olympus1074x483 FourThirds-Panasonic1074x483

Panasonic, with the wandering product line, had illegitimate children with the Mrs. Robinson (they say Panasonic was instantly attracted to her big glass, their offspring had daddy’s heart and mommy’s red dot) while Olympus was spending time in the wrong part of town and associating ne’er do wells. They went to couples counseling and agreed that they needed a Mirrorsectomy, after which, to everyone’s surprise, their relationship flourished in a free love kind of way. It’s a poorly kept secret that Olympus and Panasonic have an open relationship, and after the mirrorsectomy their promiscuous ways led to dalliances with Sigma, Voigtländer, Kodak, and others. Ménage a trois? How about a ménage a quatre and then some?!

Out of wedlock?

Out of wedlock?

It’s hard to believe that 10 years later and after so many twists and turns that Olympus and Panasonic are still together. Many thought they were doomed from the start and many took years to give up their mirrorbating before jumping in bed with Sony and Fuji. Now there a rumors of a special announcement at CP+. Could it be a renewal of their vows or the welcoming of a Trans-sensor, RAWsexual into their always interesting relationship? We’ll just have to wait and see what the next chapter of this melodrama brings. One thing is for certain–this ain’t no Downton Abbey; it’s more like Jersey Shore in 4K.

 Congratulations Panasonic and Olympus on ten years of better and worse!


* At least until that commoner Kate Middleton became a Duchess.


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